Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can I Play?

Bored Ridgebacks, you know you've had one (or two) and you've also dreaded the things they come up with to alleviate said boredom. 

One of the favourite time fillers in our house is the treat ball.

Kika likes to break Odins treat ball, just to wind him up.  It's actually just one of the ways she winds him up...  She will unscrew it, chew it and pound on it.  One day she smashed it so hard it flew up in the air, whizzed past Jims head, ricocheted off the wall and knocked over a folding table.  She was quite proud of that effort.
We have repaired the treat ball numerous times.

Kika doesn't think it looks that bad
Kika really likes to throw things from the stairway landing, it seems to amuse her 

This day, Kika threw her treat ball down the stairs into the kitchen.  Odin ambled over, picked it up, climbed the stairs and gave it back to her.  Just as surprised as the rest of us, Kika threw the toy again.  Unfortunately, Odin has the attention span of a 2yr old with ADD and was already distracted by something else 'shiney", so no repeat performance.
Kika has taught Odin all kinds of things, the right amount of wrinkles to use when asking for treats, the best spots for sunbathing, cuddling but fetching......

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