Saturday, June 13, 2009

Your Birthday!

Big day today ..... Can you believe it? Kika turns one year old today!

I know we have enjoyed every second with her. She is an awesome girl, smart and fun and seems to amaze us every day with something. Even more impressive, she lights up for everyone who knows her; her play buddies at puppy day care, all her neighborhood friends (two and four legged varieties) that visit her thru the greenspace and fence, and all our friends and family. We have never had such a social ridgeback before, we are so glad she came to live with us.

My birthday? That means presents and cake right....

A Very special happy birthday to my sister Emmie! That girl knows to have a good time.

Happy Birthday ladies!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Big Trouble

We noticed something rather disturbing last week.

Can you tell which paws belong to which dog?

Did you guess correctly?

Yikes, we could be in trouble here, he's already been mistaken for a 6mth old puppy - not 11 weeks old.

With his red coloring and big front mitts, he could be mistaken for a movie character...Hellboy!

By the way, Gene Simmons called,

He wants his tongue back...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Girl Now

Hi, it's me - Odie! I got so much female attention at my first house from Auntie Tamzin, Halo and Leeloo, (ahhhh - Leeloo!) I wasn't sure what to expect at my new home. But, it's been great cause I got a new girl - Kika!

She taught me how to play tugs. Apparently this is a Boxer version of the game courtesy of Jax. Can't wait to meet her!

She's teaching me everything a young boy needs to know. A quick snuggle with Jim.

Sharing a chewie bone.

Learning couch manners

Playing keep away. She's really fast, I do my best to keep up. I'm beginning to suspect that she likes to tease me just a little too much...

She keeps a watchful eye on my while I explore the yard.

She's happy to share her lunch with me (and then we share mine)

After a long day, it's time for a nap.

She even lets me help with the blog. Kika is the best!

Honeymoon Suite - New Girl Now
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