Tuesday, February 24, 2009

See You At The Show

Early November brings the Red Deer District Dog Show in, you guessed it, Red Deer. Jeff from Jahina is showing Tommy there. Kim is bringing her boys and Emmie and we are taking Kika so we can take in the show and Jeff can see how the girls are growing up.

Here's Jeff and Tommy strutting their stuff in the show ring. What focus, what style and check out that movement - Tommy looks pretty sharp too!

Tommy is the #4 Ridgeback in Canada!

The girls had to spend time in Tommys' crate while we were enjoying the show. They discovered that the more noise they made, the more attention they attracted. Poor Emmie caught her nail on the cage and did have to be rescued by one of the growing crowd of admirers.

Free at last and a chance to stretch their legs.

The Puppy Whisperer...

Showing off their good manners.

Emmie showing perfect form. Nice stack, Emmie, you're a natural!


Stack?...Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you said snack...


I knew I heard snack - liver treats here I come!


Kika really likes Kims kids. We like to think the feeling is mutual. We have wonderful neighbours with little boys that Kika likes, but Kims boys know how to play Ridgeback.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I Wanna Be A Cowboy

I'm sure you're wondering how the donning of Kikas Halloween costume went - it included a hat, bandana and a full step into sheriff outfit complete with stuffed arms. Yah, about as well as could be expected. We were lucky enough to catch the following photo montage...

This is my costume? Not so bad..I like the colour and the skull and crossbones are a nice touch!

We're not done? You want me to wear what?

Why the long face, partner? Is that a hangdog expression? [I think I could have an accident - on purpose for this!]

OMG! This is sooooo embarrassing!

Taking matters into her own paws and showing us just exactly what she thinks of the hat.

Expressing her displeasure with the bandana as well. Neither Jim or I was brave enough to attempt the sheriff outfit. [And Jim wants it stated for the record; that he is 100% fine with Kika taking matters into her own paws.]

Kika is much like T - dressing up is soooo beneath her. Unlike Griffin, who Barb could always dress up - in fact he really liked it. Amra never liked dressing up, but would always wear his Christmas bell - he liked making sounds as he moved around. Shadow was fun at Halloween as he had long fur, and Barb always spiked it and added glitter and colors - the neighborhood kids thought he was too cool.

This is Halloween...

Halloween night! A good time as usual. We had thought with it being a Friday night with great weather, that we would get lots of kids. We only had 185, well below our record of nearly 300. It seems haunted houses get upstaged by neighbours handing out fresh mini-doughnuts! Although this years theme was one of the less prop and labour intensive displays, it was one of my favourites. I think the parents appreciated it more, the kids seemed confused by hearing the tinny piano version of the Old Grey Mare as the sound f/x instead of creepy music and scary sounds!

My favourite prop ever - the Flaming Jeep from Hell! A skeleton behind the wheel with a flame pot, pinning a monster to the driveway. We dress a ramp with clothes and drive the jeep up it, a few more accessories and it's complete. It looks realistic, especially since the legs actually kick up and down. We have had small kids approach it and ask "Are you ok buddy?" Jim likes to tell people this is how I drive normally...

The Hanging Tree

We did manage to save some tumbleweeds from Kika.

The cemetery leading up to the house. Another motion prop we have is the glowing ghost in the background. She has a motor and a black light. In the darkness, really looks like she is floating up and down.

One of the tombstones distressed by Kika.

The porch, complete with working saloon doors made by Jim, you can see the little "hell hounds" eyes glowing in the background....

The front porch done up as a saloon, complete with poker playing, whiskey drinking skeletons. They were also carrying six shooters, just in case there was any card cheating going on.

A Little Help

Halloween is nearly here! This is a big holiday in our house, just as important as Christmas. In fact, it's more fun than Christmas. What other time can you scare kids with their parents approval? Every year we have a different themed haunted house, get dressed up and have a great time handing out candy to all the kids in the neighbourhood.

This year, instead of a regular cemetery and ghosts, we are doing Boot Hill Cemetery. We all have costumes, Jim is a gunslinger,I'm a saloon girl and Kika has a sheriff outfit! She likes to think that she is helpful and Halloween prep has been no exception. We are continuously cleaning hot glue and paint from her fur and whiskers. We have also discovered she loves power tools! She was helpful in making new tombstones from foam board though. I had just said to her (yes, I talk to her) should we distress the tombstone? She jumped up on the counter, bit it, slammed it with her paws, jumped down and trotted away quite pleased with herself. I had to admit, after I painted it, she did a really good job!

She also liked going to the basement storage area to inspect the props. She likes to pounce on a pirate prop, it's motion activated and makes ghost sounds, but her favourite is the Spider Victim. It's a 6ft tall, mummy wrapped in webbing. She got hold of it one day:

You're right, Halloween is fun!

Despite all her help (she kept stealing the tumbleweeds and chewing them up) we did manage to get Halloween up and running.

Rock You

Music video at bottom of blog may not be kid safe - boobie alert!

Autumn days that are still warm enough to go for a run in the park. We aren't sure what the town is doing to our one and only off leash area, hope the grass grows back. But they have provided some boulders along the pathway. Jim has convinced Kika that it's great fun to jump up on them and pose. It's actually working well, she will race ahead and wait on the rocks for us to catch up to her.

This would be a perfect shot except for the anti-erosion fence. The lake was smooth and calm, the girl is sitting perfectly posed. Well the rocks will be here in the spring ... we will try for the perfect shot again later.

Uhhh guys, you're a little slow with the camera. I already used up my 'sit' and you missed it. I still get my treat right?

A boy and his dog, and the (not so) bald prairies.

Okay, now look where I'm pointing - is that a muskrat?

Yup. There's four .... something else to put in my spring itinerary.

I had my colours done - guess what? I'm an Autumn!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Thanks-giving at my Grannies house in Crossfield. But, more importantly another chance for me to play with Jax!

Okay kid,listen up, these are the rules...
I'm still bigger, so I'm the boss.
If I like the toy, I get to play with it first.

Oh yeah, can dogs really fit under furniture?

Awwwww...Isn't she beautiful!

I'm thankful for my house with nice comfy furniture, sunbeams and chewy bones. Oh, and the crazy people here who love me.

Rock You Like A Hurricane

Another nickname! We have discovered Kika has 2 settings Off and On, mostly On. She will race around, "wild dog" style, constantly. We have learned to find a safe location, brace yourself and don't make eye contact, less you attract the attention of "The Hurricane"! Indoors, outdoors it doesn't matter. She will not stop until she is the last one (or thing) standing. She has now added toys to her routine. Throwing them up in the air to catch as well as tossing them up and down the stairs.

Some examples of her handiwork include:

Assessing her creation...

Satisfied with herself...

So, if your puppy is in a different part of the house and you hear crashing, thumping, she's talking to herself and making happy wookie noises, this could be what she's up to:

This is the puppy couch, (yes, it does have sheets, pillows and a blanket) she now likes to rip it apart in the mornings while I'm getting ready for work. She discovered the couch comes apart because I found her one day with her head stuck in the cushions. She was determined that there was something interesting in there. I dug around and came up with an old piece of rawhide. We assume Tiona had hidden it there. She used to take Griffins toys, hide them and then tease him with hers. She was a master, she could hide them in flower pots, under the flowers and put everything back so you wouldn't even know she had been there. This is now Kikas morning ritual, there are no more toys, so I know she's just doing it to wind me up.

We have almost captured wild dog on camera, I have some video but I'm not very good with editing - yet...

A typical lap- rounding the corner, hitting the straight a way and blurry bum exiting the frame...

One would think we don't keep a clean house, but this routine is 20 minutes after our last tidy-up. We can clean 3 - 4 times a day with this energetic girl. She even gets walks and has a nice big yard to burn around in, and plays at her fence with all her doggy friends in the neighborhood. With all this energy, she truly has earned the nickname "the Hurricane". And we wouldn't have it any other way - she will only be a little puppy for a short time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gypsy Road

Road trip! We are taking Kika (and Grandma) to Canmore for a trip. It's also the first road trip for Jims' (er..Kikas' new truck). Jim was certain Kika would be far more comfortable in an Avalanche rather than his Dakota. Actually my trusty old Jeep has previously been good enough for hauling dogs around, but it's a nice truck and very comfortable..

Here she is in her truck with her own seat belt. It appears she is passing the time by writing Haiku on the window.

She did really well on the drive, this was her biggest trip since her trip home from Winnipeg, we would like to make sure she travels well and aim for bigger trips and adventures.

Once in Canmore we parked the truck and enjoyed a stroll around downtown Canmore. While waiting for a light to change to cross a street, we met a fellow who said he had just lost his Ridgeback, so he was happy to play with Kika and she was happy to play with him. In fact, Kika is happy to play with anyone, people, dog, cat, anything. Her motto - got a pulse? let's play!!

One of objectives this trip was to stop in to see a store called the Mut Hut. We first heard about this store during the summer dog show ..... Now having been there in person we Highly recommend it. It has a great selection of nice products and the owners are very friendly and helpful. We look forward to coming back, and visiting their soon to be ready on-line store.

A picnic lunch in one of the small parks in town, then off to see the off leash park that was recommended by the Mut Hut. The off leash park is really beautiful, full of mountain trails. Kika met a few friendly dogs, and one grumpy one that growled at her. When the dogs owner spoke that grumpy isn't dog friendly, we recalled her - and she came rushing back to us for rewards for listening and reassurances that not everyone has to love the adorable puppy she is. She would have kept trying though, she seems determined to win over even the most stubborn dogs.

Big field. Another successful recall. The girl really loves running around in these big spaces.

Kika concurs, this truck really is comfy!

Pretty in pink. This is what Grandma bought Kika at the Mut Hut. Since they have bonded, this pup has higher ranking than some of us people (Ok - definitely higher than Jim ;). Grandma is a bit of a professional shopper so now she has a new excuse for giving the plastic a workout. Of course this was bought under the pretense of "Don't want the little precious getting chilly." Odd thing though ... Jim somehow only believes in walking her in the dark now...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

Here it is, the mandatory puppy + toilet paper shot. We thought we had removed all temptation by taking the roll from the holder and placing it high up on the counter - we presumed out of her reach. We thought it best to take these steps since little miss discovered unrolling toilet paper is fun.

We suspect her new bouncing technique helped her secure her latest toy...

And she had fun, fun, fun

Until Daddy took the TP away...

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