Friday, May 22, 2009


We have been lucky enough to welcome an addition to the family.

Invictus Bladerunner, aka Naughty Mr. Blue or as we now call him Odin! He seems to be settling right in.

Checking out the vast array of toys and treats.

Finding comfy spots for naps.

Snuggling with new friends

Posing for cute pictures

Hanging out with friends

And checking out the blue chair for himself.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ahhhh, nothing like some Sunday snuggles on the couch.

That looks interesting maybe I should get a little more comfortable

Stretched out and pushed Jim off the couch, that's better.

Even more comfy now that she can use Jim as a "paw" rest.

And what was it that caught Kikas attention? The Westminster Dog Show. She seemed especially interested in the Hound Group...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Holy Diver - Encore!

Kika isn't the only bathing beauty we have had. Probably the only voluntary one though. When Tiona was diagnosed with spinal arthritis, the vet suggested swimming would be good therapy for her. We knew she wouldn't enjoy a therapy pool, so we purchased a back yard pool for her, it was summer, so the water was nice and warm. It actually helped her, and when she couldn't go outside, she enjoyed(?) the spa settings on the shower head.

Tiona all decked out in her swimming gear, she has already removed one of her booties. The only thing she liked about this was the treats we bribed her with to bounce around the pool.

We started off with a life jacket, because she really wasn't buoyant! but eventually she didn't need it.

Neighbourhood kids enjoying a swim with Tiona. Tiona, not so much...

Now some of the neighbours thought we were a little strange having a pool in our yard for our dog ... But those with dogs understood how loyalty and devotion deserved every effort to make our dogs quality of life better. And the pool exercise worked, she was much more active and mobile because of her aquacise.

Her favourite part besides all the treats. Napping in the sun to dry off.

Pampered? = Yes.
Worth the effort? = Yes.
Would we do it again? = Yes.
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