Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holy Diver

Our previous Ridgebacks were not really fond of water. Griffin didn't mind it and would wade in to the lake or rivers just to bite at the waves. None the less, we were a bit surprised to see the following:

What is she doing, there's water (and bubbles) in there

Going in for a closer look.


Chasing bubbles.

Catching bubbles...

Chasing bubbles is thirsty work.

Yum, Mr. Bubble is my favourite.

For my sister and nephew, the artist in the video for this entry is the answer to the Easter Trivia Question - who started the heavy metal devil horns? - Ronnie James Dio! I'm sure my hints that he was a lead singer for Black Sabbath, is 5'4" and looks like Carla from Cheers; but boy can he sing, make a little more sense now...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gone Away

A year ago we said goodbye to our special little guy, Griffin. Gone so young, but we should all be so lucky as to go doing something we loved and surrounded by our family.

When we first brought Griffin home, Tiona wanted nothing to do with him. She was actually pissed at us. Griffin though, just wanted to be her friend and cuddle. Here, Tiona jumped on the couch to get away from him and we put him up there anyway. He was so happy and snuggled right in. I think the look on Tionas face pretty much sums up her feelings on the situation.

Seven years later, we are helping Tiona up on the couch for a snuggle. She was unable to get up by herself but determined to have her cuddles none the less. That annoying little thing started to be useful and comforting a long while ago. He was very good during Tionas illness, always careful to be gentle, checked on her all the time and shared his treats with her.

He was such a sweet puppy, it didn't take him long to win her over. From this moment on, they were the best of friends and inseparable. Tiona was always the Queen Bee for Griffy, she taught him well and always looked out for him. When he was a young boy we were out at the off leash park, he had literally stopped to smell some flowers. I saw two very large Malamutes spot him, looked at each other and started his way, and their intentions didn't look all that kind. Before I could move, Tiona was on it. She stood right in their way and dared them to try something. Faced with a "momma bear" attitude, they changed their demeanor and moved off, and Griffin was oblivious to the whole incident. Poor guy, he always got picked on at the park! (See Raimi, it's happened to more that one "big lug" ; )

He even tried the "famous" blue chair once, but couldn't see what all the fuss was about. It probably feels better when you actually "fit" in the chair, rather than spill out from it.

It was impossible to have a bad day around Griffy. He was such a clown and could always make us laugh - I think you can see why!

He always knew when you needed a cuddle or a laugh.

Griffy loved stuffed toys. He would carry them around and suck on them until he would fall asleep. We used to joke they were his soothers. Then I found an actual soother shaped one, he loved it too!

Griffy playing tugs with Grandma, sporting his festive jingle collar. He loved to dress up, although it was difficult the find things in his size. He was so proud of this collar when he first got it, he asked to go out, pranced across the deck like it was a fashion runway and paused at the steps. When he realised no one was there to notice, he slunk back in the house.

Jims Dad passed away just before Christmas last year, Griffin was a real comfort to the whole family. He tried extra hard to make us laugh, cuddled harder and made sure to sit on all our laps.

Griff loved to sit on laps. This was a Christmas at Grandmas house, notice Tiona under the table checking for crumbs. I cropped myself out of this photo because I am really not photogenic and it was also tough to tell which one of us looked more drunk; me or Griff.

He was so handsome, which was a good thing as we always said he got by on his looks. He was just a uncomplicated, innocent, big fun loving guy....

He was prancy, flamboyant and sensitive (take from that what you will...) but he was so sweet and loving, we miss him to this day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cat Scratch Fever

Kika enjoyed the holiday season as I'm sure most indulged Ridgebacks did;

Cuddling and taking naps on the couch. It's nice when the human pillows are there to hold her up.

Relaxing in front of the fire.

Acting a little silly.

Playing paws through the stair spindles, also a great opportunity to practice wookie noises.

One final perimeter check before bedtime. The extra lighting sure helps.

Then it happened, .... too cold to stay outside for long; Cabin Fever set in big time. Kika then indulged in some crazy as well as very un-Ridgeback behaviour...

Her new arch nemesis, the motion activated garbage can lid. She would walk by to ensure the motion sensor lifted the lid ... then she would growl and bark at it.

She would spend time outside playing in the snow and -30 temperatures. Well, as much time as possible ..... it's a delicate balance of unbridled puppy energy in her first winter .... and brrr it's cold out here.

Patiently keeping an eye on the pathway in hopes that someone, anyone would pass by. But there are fewer visitors in the extreme cold.

Playing with water? She would spend long wet minutes biting at the shower spray. Usually everything and everyone needed a wipe down after these sessions .... yes she did this more than once .... her servants are most accommodating ; )

She loved playing with the bubbles, almost climbing in the tub to get them. (this time) Once she jumped right in to get the bubbles . . . if this keeps up, baths are going to be a piece of cake.

Bubble overload?

Kika was so bored, she started playing fetch. We have never had a Ridgeback retrieve before. If we threw a toy for them, we were greeted with looks of - if it was so good, you shouldn't have thrown it away .... or you threw it you go get it. But Kika loves it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rock n Roll Christmas

Kika's first Christmas.

Oooohhh Presents!

And .... It's got my name on it!

She caught on to present opening pretty quickly!

There are all kinds of great smells coming from the kitchen and lots of visitors to greet. And the most important visitor of all, no ... not Santa - Jax!

The girls opening their presents.

Hey, what did you get?

The girls inspected each other's gifts and shared perfectly. No squabbles. And they played so well together.

Jax really likes her vanilla scented rawhide. They come highly recommended by Kika .... almost "puppy crack".

The girls enjoying their chewie bones

Time out for tugs! The girls are sporting matching Christmas collars. Hey kid, have you been practicing?!

Kikas favourite Christmas toy, from her special Auntie Barb. I think it was filled with "dog nip" as she would not leave it alone!

Boxing Day- a couple of kids stopped by to lend Kika a hand opening even more presents.

They also helped out with toy testing.

Inspecting her new stuffies. It's safe to say that Kika enjoyed her first Christmas. And we look forward to many many more.

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