Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can I Play?

Bored Ridgebacks, you know you've had one (or two) and you've also dreaded the things they come up with to alleviate said boredom. 

One of the favourite time fillers in our house is the treat ball.

Kika likes to break Odins treat ball, just to wind him up.  It's actually just one of the ways she winds him up...  She will unscrew it, chew it and pound on it.  One day she smashed it so hard it flew up in the air, whizzed past Jims head, ricocheted off the wall and knocked over a folding table.  She was quite proud of that effort.
We have repaired the treat ball numerous times.

Kika doesn't think it looks that bad
Kika really likes to throw things from the stairway landing, it seems to amuse her 

This day, Kika threw her treat ball down the stairs into the kitchen.  Odin ambled over, picked it up, climbed the stairs and gave it back to her.  Just as surprised as the rest of us, Kika threw the toy again.  Unfortunately, Odin has the attention span of a 2yr old with ADD and was already distracted by something else 'shiney", so no repeat performance.
Kika has taught Odin all kinds of things, the right amount of wrinkles to use when asking for treats, the best spots for sunbathing, cuddling but fetching......


Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm an Adult Now

Happy Birthday Odin - Wow 3 years old!  He's been a perfect companion for Kika and us too!  He's a fun loving, sweet fella who's always up for a good time.  A real snuggle bug and my constant shadow and I'd say a major contender for biggest Momas Boy...

Can you believe I was really this small once?

Kika took really good care of me.
My first educational toy - it was worth every penny!

Kika lets me choose the programs

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers....

We didn't do it!!
What a ham! and he does grow into those ears...
But, this is her happy face.
Still Growing....

Time for singing lessons.  Every morning we are subjected to -er - entertained by the vocal stylings of these two.  Odin is still positive that he has a very fine singing voice, the neighbours, not so much...

Bucket Head with a booboo

Inmate 665 (cuz he's not completely evil)  He just would not stay out of the kitchen.  So, one evening I tethered him to the dining room table while I prepared dinner.  When Jim came through the door, Odin was so happy to see him he rushed to the door dragging the table leg he had just ripped off.  He then got attached to the couch and he managed to pull it around the room too.  I guess he would have made a good sled dog, if he wasn't so phobic about getting his toes wet.
Odin at 7 months in his favourite chair

Sun Bums!

Let's Go!!!  Hoping to go to his favourite place - Rainbow Pet Care to see all his friends

Supervising construction of the new deck.  They were very helpful.  On the really hot days, they supervised from the air conditioned house and watched us from the windows.

Chair Yoga - Sideways Facing Dog!

I put a spell on you...

A typical weekend morning, all snuggled on the couch to catch a couple episodes of his favourite TV Show - The Littlest Hobo.  Saddly, we are not joking...

Odin and his birthday treats.  Like most kids confronted with an Easter Bunny, he ate the ears first!

Friday, June 24, 2011


There's been a bit of bragging going on in our house lately. Both Kika and Odin have relatives with some amazing accomplishments.

Kikas Brags:

Update; March 2012
Kika has another litter brother who has taken the 2012 show rings by storm, Jahinas Call of the Big Five - Rohan.  Already with multiple group wins, Rohan is now the #1 Ridgeback in Canada - Way to go Rohan!!

Photo Courtesy of Jahina

Kikas litter brother Ben is having a phenomenal year in the ring. After putting several breed and group wins under his belt, with Jeffs expert handling, Ben strutted his way to a Best in Show win at the Fort Garry Kennel Club event in May. Vaulting him into the Number One Ridgeback in Canada position! Way to go Jahina boys!!

Photo courtesy of

 Kikas litter sister, Emmie had her first and foundation litter for Kim at Enigma Ridgebacks.  Nine puppies, 5 boys and 4 girls safely arrived on June 3rd.   Barb was actually present at the birth of these special babies, what an amazing (and sometimes icky) experience!  Scratch that one off the bucket list....One little girl waited until Barb was alone in the nursery and then decided to enter the world at record speed - I think she heard that the pizza had just arrived at the door and didn't want to miss out!  Check out their pics and progress at the Enigma website.

Way to go Emmie!

Photo courtesy of Enigma Ridgebacks

On June 12, Kikas litter sister Ellie, also delivered her first litter for Jahina.  Eleven puppies, 6 boys and 5 girls.  Head over to their website for a look and don't forget to check out the Ellie Cam to catch all the live puppy action.  Keep an eye out for an especially feisty little red headed girl in the hunter green collar.  Kika is especially proud of her little namesake!

Photo courtesy of

Can't forget  to mention the proud papa for both of these litters, Jahinas very own Tommy.  Or as we call him, the alphabet dog - seriously, this guy has so many titles after his name he was recently awarded the Versitility Master Award from the Ridgeback Club of Canada!

Tommys photo courtesy of

Odins Brags:

Odins older brother Zero has been tearing up the show scene in both Canada and the U.S.   In February, Zero was the best Ridgeback at Westminster Kennel Club Show.  Odie was watching and cheering him on!

In April, Barb travelled to Chilliwack, BC for the National Ridgeback Specialty show.  What a surprise to see Juliet and Zero!  Zero attained his Canadian Championship over the same weekend and meeting Juliet was the highlight of the show, what a team!  Such a good team in fact, that Zero is now the #1 Ridgeback in the States!!

Odins other older brother, Raimi, is now a dad.  He and Leeloo (ahhh Leeloo) have had their first litter for Invictus.  On June 14th, 6 boys and 4 girls made their appearance.  Check out their blog for updates, stories and Tamzins fantastic photos. 

Photo courtesy of Invictus

Raimi thinks fatherhood is a piece of cake...

Photo courtesy of Invictus

Odins nephew, Atlas of Charisma Ridgebacks has been making a name for himself in the show ring as well.  With Group and Best Puppy wins, he is one of the top Ridgebacks in Canada.  He was the Best Puppy in Specialty at the Chilliwack show in April.   He'll have some competition from his little sister Mira when she starts her show career in a few months.  Atlas gave everyone a scare, when as a small puppy he became quite ill and was in the hospital for several days.  Thanks to Adine really advocating on his behalf, he survived and thrived.  From rocky start to rock star!

Photo courtesy of Charisma Ridgebacks

Congratulations Everyone!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Beautiful Girl

Happy Birthday Kika!!

Hard to believe 3 years ago today we learned that Jeff and Danielle had a puppy for us, and what a puppy she was!  A feisty little red head with a sense of adventure who had a mind of her own.  Kika has been the most challenging Ridgeback we've been owned by but we wouldn't have it any other way.  She's smart, funny, still naughty and not shy about making her feelings known when she's displeased.  But, at the same time she is very considerate, sweet and kind and always has extra snuggles for you when you are under the weather.

Kika spent the day at the Bark Park playing.

We always joke that Kika is a mini Thembi as she and her mother are very alike from the Queen Bee attitude to the extreme love of butter...

Like Mother...

Like daughter....

Monday, November 30, 2009

Power of the Sun

Nothing like a favourite toy and some sunshine.

Deep in thought ?

Ha ha, deep in thought, good one!

Just enjoying the sunshine.

Some things are too good not to share with friends.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Pinups!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Odie in the Garden

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